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    Jiangyin phosphate exports continued to grow

     Jiangyin jiangyin inspection and quarantine bureau of the latest statistics show that in the first quarter of 48000 tons of export food grade phosphoric acid, value $38.908 million, year-on-year growth of 39.9%, 31.2%, respectively, to achieve the ninth consecutive quarter of growth since 2011. In addition, in 2012, jiangyin export food grade phosphoric acid 150000 ton, value us $123 million, a year-on-year growth of 27%, 27% respectively.

    At present, the phosphate raw material and finished product price appear upside down. In the past, due to the jiangyin thermal process phosphoric acid production technology is advanced, the quality of the obvious competitive advantage. However, since this year, guizhou wet-process phosphoric acid purification technology is improved, the improvement in product quality, and cost is lower than the jiangyin thermal process phosphoric acid process, lead to product quality and price competition, phosphate product prices keep falling.

    According to introducing, jiangyin export phosphoric acid in the absence of price advantage, still can maintain growth, mainly thanks to technological innovation. Since this year, the clear star phosphorus company cooperating with yunnan institute of chemical industry, has carried on the technological transformation of productive technology, one-step method into two steps, the first after combustion hydration process. In addition, the clear star phosphorus product successful eu REACH registered, stability of the European market, won the south Korean big customer order again at the same time, increase export South Korea, these factors are all export phosphate added motivation.

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