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    Seven kinds of green chemical products won national recognition

     Recently, the state ministry of industry, ministry of science and technology, environmental protection jointly issued the "the state shall encourage the poisonous and harmful material (product) substitution directory (2012 edition)", there are 7 kinds of products in our province was selected in several provinces and cities in the nation. They are: yuexi county tranche electric appliance co., LTD. Color trivalent chromium passivation solution at room temperature instead of high concentration of hexavalent chromium passivation solution color; Anhui future silane surface technology co., LTD. Metal surface treatment agent instead of phosphating liquid, chromium-free passivating agent instead of potassium bichromate; Bengbu bbca pharmaceutical technology development co., LTD. Lipid citrate plasticizer replace phthalate plasticizers; Regarding luan JieTong da chemical co., LTD. Beta hydroxy alkyl amide curing agent instead of three different cyanuric acid glycidyl ester; Huangshan sne ink technology alcohol ester

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