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    Antioxdant 6PPD

     PRODUCT:Antioxdant 6PPD
    Chemical Composition:


    Chemical Name : 

    N - ( 1 ,3 - dimethylbutyl ) - N' - phenyl - p – phenylenediamine


     Qualitied Grade
     Dark purple pastlles.Dark purple pastilles
     Melting Point ≥
     Heating loss(60-70)≤%
     Ash ≤%
     Freezing point≥


    The cinereus solid, the relative density 0.986-1.00, dissolve in the benzene, the acetone, the ethanoic acid, the ethyl acetate, the dichloroethane alkane and the toluene, does not dissolve in the water.

    Application :

    Mainly used in manufacture of tires , rubber shoes and other rubber products.


    20/25kg kraft paper bag.


    It should be stored in cool,well ventilated & dry places and away from fire.It should avoid drench and solarization while transportation.

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